Privacy Policy

With this Privacy Policy, ANDORRA TURISME, S.A.U. (hereinafter, we or ANDORRA TURISME) lists the personal data collected by means of the services on offer, as reflected on the andorraselected.com website, and outlines their processing and the rights regarding personal data and processing conferred by the regulations on Personal Data Protection that are applicable.

Applicable regulations

  1. Qualified Law 29/2021 of 28th October on Personal Data Protection of the Principality of Andorra (hereinafter, the LQPD),
  2. Decree 391/2022 of 28th September approving the Regulation for the application of the LQPD, and
  3. Regulation (EU) 679/2016 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27th April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with respect to the processing of personal data and the free circulation thereof (hereinafter, the GDPR).

In the following table you will find links to facilitate access to the points of this policy that are of interest to you; however, please read all the sections of the Legal Notice, the Cookie Policy and this Privacy Policy before using this website:

To whom does this Privacy Policy apply?

This Policy applies to people who enter into a relationship with ANDORRA TURISME via the andorraselected.com website, to users of the services that ANDORRA TURISME offers through the Andorra Selected programme for the purposes outlined in section 4 of this policy (the Services) and to all people whose personal data (e.g. their images) may appear on our Website or within the context of the Services.

Who is the data controller responsible for the processing of your personal data?

The sole data controller responsible for the processing of your personal data in accordance with the indications of this policy is:

ANDORRA TURISME, S.A.U. (ANDORRA TURISME), with Tax ID number 707655-R and its registered address for the purposes of this policy at the building of Ràdio Andorra, Av. de la Bartra, s/n, AD200 - Encamp (Principality of Andorra).

We have a Data Protection Officer who can be contacted by email at dpo@andorraturisme.ad.

ANDORRA TURISME cannot be held liable for the activities carried out by other websites, even if they are accessed via links on our Website. For this reason we strongly advise you to carefully read the information provided by these other data controllers before giving them your personal data (especially the privacy and cookie policies of each website that you visit) and contact this data controller if you have any concerns or questions.

How do we obtain your personal data?

Generally speaking, you directly provide us with your personal data, e.g. via the forms on this website. The only exceptions to this rule are:

  • The contact details provided to us by our service and product suppliers when you represent them;
  • The photographs of events that we organise or attend in which you may appear;
  • The images related to news items that we consider to be in the public interest when the right to information prevails over the potential interests of the people whose images and other personal data are posted on our Website;
  • The personal data related to you that may appear in the emails that we receive; and
  • The cookies on this website, about which you will find more information in our cookie policy.

What do we use your data for and on what legal grounds do we use them?

To initiate and maintain our relationships with our suppliers

If you represent a supplier of products or services, we collect your contact details and your signature in order to:

  • Manage all kinds of relationships with the supplier that you represent.
  • Manage the corresponding data sheet on our list of authorised suppliers.
  • Manage the budgets and invoices of the supplier that you represent.To deal with your requests, queries and claims


We collect the personal data that you provide us with in your emails, by phone, via the form on the contact page or through your requests to exercise rights in order to deal with your requests, queries and claims in relation to our services or the rights you have over your personal data.

The legal basis for this processing is the consent you express when you send or give us these data, our legal obligation to deal with your requests regarding your rights and our legitimate interest in attending to you. The provision of your personal data is therefore voluntary, although, if you don’t provide them, we won’t be able to process your request, query or claim. You can revoke your consent whenever you wish, although such a revocation will also make it impossible to continue processing your request, query or claim.

To manage potential future claims

We retain the data that may be necessary to manage your potential claims, or ours, upon the basis of our legitimate interest in defending ourselves to safeguard our rights.

To issue quotes and offer you our services

We collect and process the data that you provide us with by means of the corresponding quotation form or request for information, by phone or by email to prepare the service proposal which is best suited to what you ask of us and to prepare the relevant documentation for the requested service and/or the requested tourist information.

The basis that legitimises the processing for the management of the quote and the requested information is the consent you express by giving us the data we require to prepare it, insofar as what legitimises the processing associated with the service is the need to fulfil the contract that regulates the terms and conditions of use of this specific service.

To send you information that interests you

We collect your email when you subscribe to our commercial correspondence service that informs you of our news and special offers to enable you to make the most of our services.

We also process the email address that you give us when you register or access our services in order to inform you of our news, events and exclusive contents to enable you to make the most of the services that interest you.

If you have subscribed via our Website, the legal basis for this processing is your consent, which you can withdraw at any time by exercising your right to do so, as indicated below in this policy or via the link at the end of each email. The only consequence of withdrawing your consent is that you will cease to receive the information we send you by email.

If you receive the information because you have accessed one of our services, the legal basis for the processing is our legitimate interest in keeping you informed of the products and services related to the ones you have purchased. You can object to the above at any time, as in the previous case and with identical consequences, by exercising your right, as indicated below in this policy, or via the link for this purpose in the footer of our emails.

To give media coverage to events

If you attend an event in which the Andorra Convention Bureau also participates in person, the independent press and our own professionals may record your image and, at previously agreed times, your voice, within the context of the event or the awards ceremony.

The legal basis for this processing of your image is our legitimate interest in providing media coverage of the events that we organise or sponsor for the purpose of using the recordings in our promotional materials, including our Website and our social media accounts.

You are not under any obligation to appear in a recording. If you wish, you are entitled to object to our legitimate interest and ask us to remove the material in which you are identified. In order to assess your objection to our legitimate interest and, if necessary, immediately remove the images that identify you, we will ask you to tell us where you have seen them.

To guarantee the functioning of our Website (functional cookies)

We use functional cookies to collect, store, view and process personal information (linked to you by means of unique identifiers or IP addresses) via your device’s browser for the purpose of guaranteeing the proper functioning of our Website.

Given that these cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the Website, their use does not require you to give us your express consent and the basis that legitimises us to use them is our legitimate interest in offering you the services on our Website.

You can find further information about these cookies in our Cookie Policy.

To extract aggregate statistics regarding the use of our Website (analytical cookies)

We use analytical or statistical cookies to identify the pages that are most and least visited, to analyse which contents are of the greatest interest to our visitors and to gauge the success of our information campaigns, with the aim of improving the services we offer on the Website. All these purposes provide aggregate results with which it is not possible to identify the interests of any particular person.

As they are analytical cookies, we will not use them until we receive your consent, and not giving it to us or withdrawing it will have no effect other than to hinder our purpose of improving the Website by means of analysis of the aggregate browsing statistics of our visitors.

You can find further information about these cookies in our Cookie Policy.

To improve the interest of the advertising that you receive (advertising cookies)

We download third-party advertising cookies. These files help us to infer your interests in accordance with the pages that you visit, the content you click on and other actions that you take online.

As they are non-essential cookies, we will not use them until we receive your consent, and not giving it to us or withdrawing it will have no effect other than to prevent your visit to our Website from being used to improve the interest of the advertising you receive.

You can obtain further information about these cookies in our Cookie Policy.

To use Google’s services

In addition, as an obligation that Google LLC, a company of which Google Ireland Ltd is a subsidiary, imposes on entities which, like us, use the Google Analytics and Google Ads tools, we inform you that these two services are operated by Google Inc., whose registered address is1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA, and that Google Inc. is a beneficiary thereof.

The information generated by the cookies about your use of this Website and your advertising preferences is generally transmitted to a Google server in the USA and stored there. If you wish to obtain more information, you can visit the page that outlines how Google uses information from our Website and/or Google’s privacy policy regarding the above-mentioned services.

We inform you that we have enabled the IP anonymisation function in the Google service in order to add additional safeguards to the standard contractual clauses that protect this international data transfer to the USA. Google will therefore shorten your IP address before transmitting it to the USA (identity obfuscation process). Only in exceptional cases is the full IP address sent to a Google server in the USA and shortened there. Google guarantees that the IP address transmitted by your browser to Google Analytics will not be processed together with any other data held by Google.

You can view the categories of personal data processed by these services at privacy.google.com/businesses/adsservices.

To inform you of security breaches

At ANDORRA TURISME we take security measures appropriate to the level of risk to protect personal information against loss, misuse, unauthorised access, disclosure, alteration and destruction, taking into account the risks entailed by the processing and the nature of the personal information; however, if we determine that your data have been misused (including by an ANDORRA TURISME employee), exposed owing to a security breach or improperly acquired by a third party, we will immediately inform you of this undue security breach, appropriation or acquisition.

The basis that legitimises this processing is the legal obligation set out in article 37 of the LQPD and our legitimate interest in preventing this security breach from harming you.

For other purposes that are not incompatible with the ones above

We may use your personal data for other purposes that are not incompatible with those indicated above (such as archival purposes for reasons of public interest, scientific or historical research purposes or statistical purposes) whenever permitted by the current regulations on personal data protection, acting, of course, in accordance with them and any other applicable regulations.

Who can we share your personal data with?

  • We do not disclose your personal data to anyone, unless:
  • You have requested us to do so yourself.

We have a legal obligation to do so.

We are jointly responsible for the collection of data, so that, with your consent, other entities can process them on their own behalf. The above applies to:

  • Google Ireland Ltd, with its registered office at 4, Gordon House Street, Barrow - Dublin, Ireland, to which we have entrusted the processing of the data of the cookies required to use its reCAPTCHA, Analytics and Ads services. Google Ireland Ltd acts as an independent data controller for all the processing that it carries out on your behalf, in accordance with its privacy policy. We transfer data to Google Ireland Ltd upon the basis of the data protection agreement that this company located in the EU includes in the addendum to the standard contract for countries adapted to the GDPR, as is the case of Andorra, to which we add the additional safeguard of enabling the anonymisation of the IPs that collect the cookies. In our Cookie Policy you will see which analytical and advertising cookies we offer you and how to configure them.add-on to ensure that data are not sent from Google Analytics or Google Ads to Google Inc on your Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and/or Opera browser.

We explain what other rights you have and how to exercise them below.

Your rights

You can ask us to enforce the following rights:

Where and how you can exercise your rights

You can exercise your rights:

  • By sending a written request to ANDORRA TURISME to our postal address indicated in section 0 of this policy, specifying a means of contact with you to enable us to respond to your request or ask you for further information if necessary. We would be grateful if you could indicate “Exercise of Personal Data Protection Rights” on the envelope.
  • By sending the form associated with the right you wish to exercise to dpo@andorraturisme.ad, indicating “Exercise of Personal Data Protection Rights” in the subject line. You will find these forms below in the same section of the Privacy Policy.APDA) for this purpose.

Forms for exercising your rights

In order to facilitate the exercise of your rights, we advise you to use one of the corresponding request forms:

What responsibilities do you have?

Upon providing us with your data you guarantee that they are accurate and complete. Similarly, you confirm to us that you are responsible for the truthfulness of the personal data you have sent to us and that you will keep them appropriately updated so that they reflect your actual situation, assuming liability for any false or inaccurate personal data that you provide us with and any direct or indirect damages that could result from their inaccuracy.

You cannot provide us with the personal data of other people unless this is justified in relation to the services that you request from us. In any event, if you provide us with the personal data of third parties, you assume the responsibility of informing said third parties prior to providing us with their personal data. The information to be provided to the third parties whose data you supply to us must include all the provisions stipulated in this Privacy Policy, and you assume liability for the lawfulness of these personal data and for assigning to the holders the rights that they hold in relation to their personal data.

In cases in which you have to provide us with the personal data of a person under 16 years of age or a person whose rights are limited, when doing so you are obliged to receive the authorisation of the holders of his/her parental authority or guardianship. Without this authorisation it is forbidden to provide us with any of the personal data of these people.

How do we protect your personal data?

We are fully committed to the protection of your privacy and personal data. We have drawn up a record of all the personal data processing activities that we carry out, we have analysed the risk that each of these activities may pose to you and we have implemented the appropriate legal, technical and organisational safeguards to prevent, as far as possible, the alteration of your personal data, their misuse, loss, theft and unauthorised processing and any unauthorised access thereto. We update our policies appropriately to ensure that we can provide you with all the information we have on the processing of your personal data and to guarantee that our staff receive appropriate guidance on how they should process your personal data. We have signed data protection clauses and data processor contracts with all our service providers, taking into account each of their needs to process personal data.

We restrict access to the personal data to employees who really need to know them to carry out any of the processing operations referred to in this policy, and we have trained them and made them aware of the importance of confidentiality and maintaining the integrity and availability of the information, as well as the disciplinary measures that any infringement would entail in this regard.

However, if ANDORRA TURISME determines that your data have been misused (including by an ANDORRA TURISME employee), exposed owing to a security breach or improperly acquired by a third party, ANDORRA TURISME will immediately inform you of this undue security breach, appropriation or acquisition.

Amendments to this Privacy Policy

We will update this policy whenever necessary to reflect any changes to the regulations or our processing operations. If the changes are substantial, we will inform you before they become effective by sending you a notification or publishing a clearly visible notice on this Website, and you will be able to exercise your rights, as we informed you in a previous section. In any event, we advise you to regularly review this Privacy Policy to learn more about how we protect your personal data.

If you have any queries about this policy, do not hesitate to let us know by sending an email to dpo@andorraturisme.ad


Latest update: 31st January 2023