Odetti Bistro

Odetti Bistro


Odetti is synonymous with passion and enthusiasm for fine dining: a place where the concepts of excellent service, outstanding cooking and quality produce come together in a single space. The bistro format has enabled us to create a gourmet destination that does away with the formality of an elegant restaurant while guaranteeing freshness, professional preparation, locally sourced produce and products of the very highest quality.

Our team comprises professionals from a wide range of disciplines, who embrace the following motto: “Alone, we are just a single rock; but together, we are a mountain”. As a team, we work hard to create the perfect gastronomic experience and we strongly believe that cuisine lies at the heart of the most important events.

For this reason, at Odetti Bistro food is not only a key element: it is also one of a series of ingredients that are essential to creating the perfect gastronomic environment. We strive to create a symbiosis of menus, ambience, wine recommendations, outstanding service and excellent taste. Additionally, we work with high-quality local producers who form part of our extended family.

It is difficult to pick just one dish from among our creations, as the variety of options on offer at Odetti Bistro makes us a veritable temple to haute cuisine, with an outstanding combination of dishes and wines from every region.

Exclusive Services


Fresh products from Andorra

The success of Odetti lies in treating fresh produce with tremendous care, as this enables us to guarantee the very highest quality in all of our creations. It is an approach that our guests value extremely highly.


Personalised attention and friendly service

The Odetti Bistro team provides a fully personalised service for our guests. We pay close attention to their tastes and needs, right down to the smallest details.