Can Manel by Carles Flinch

Can Manel by Carles Flinch

Can Manel is an iconic family restaurant in Andorra, acclaimed for its traditional mountain cuisine. Its identity is rooted in its meticulous preparation of traditional dishes.

Carles Flinch, chef at the Can Manel restaurant, comes from the second generation of a family dedicated to the hotel and catering trade.

The restaurant was founded in 1979 by his parents, Manel and Pepita, who passed on to him the tradition and savoir-faire of traditional Andorran cuisine. Its identity is rooted in its meticulous preparation of traditional dishes.

His training and experience in the kitchens of great chefs of signature cuisine, such as Pedro Subijana’s Akelarre restaurant, taught him how to make traditional dishes with more creativity and an avant-garde touch. He has succeeded in combining tradition and innovation while maintaining the essence of high mountain cuisine. This has brought Can Manel great acclaim both inside and outside Andorra.

It continues to offer exclusive service and quality cuisine made with local, seasonal produce and served in a new welcoming atmosphere. Accompanied by his long-standing professional team, he offers an unforgettable culinary experience.

The restaurant has an open dining room, divided into three spacious, welcoming areas, and offers a clear view of the restaurant’s kitchen. This allows for a highly tailored service that places diners at the centre of the experience.

The location and surroundings of the Can Manel restaurant set it apart, as it is next to the council building and the church of Sant Esteve

in Andorra la Vella. It is surrounded by the streets of the Andorran capital’s historic centre, which brim with history and iconic buildings and give the restaurant an idyllic setting that is very easily accessible to all types of publics.

Exclusive Services


Strong commitment to locally sourced products

We serve the best local, seasonal products and work with Andorran companies to offer our customers traditional cuisine based on commitment to the country and to its businesses.


Safe dining experience

Carles Flinch is aware that good cuisine should be within everyone's grasp and therefore adapts his creations to offer a menu based on consideration for 14 food allergens.


Environmentally committed

Can Manel is committed to energy savings and has become more efficient while helping to minimise any impact that our activity may have. We have shared work areas featuring induction hobs that reduce our kitchen’s energy consumption, as well as a non-chemical based cleaning and disinfection system. We also use KMZero, a filter system that removes all waste from drinking water and enables us both to avoid plastic packaging and to reuse bottles.